Monday, July 23, 2012

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania July 2012

All of these photos are from the weekend I spent in Philadelphia in early July 2012 when I was there doing an art show. Click here to see the work from the show.

The journey begins.
Into the mountains.
I stayed at these dudes' place.
This guy lived there too. Great man and long-time friend, Jaison.

Sadly, that robo-babe wasn't in attendance for the show.
Me with the folks who organized the show.

Righteous Pittsburgh dudes.
Back at Jaison and Michelle's place, Jaison serenades with a catchy number.
"There's no songs left in this guitar." – Tom Waits.
Isaiah Zagar's Magic Garden.
Valhalla, I'm home.
FDR Park
Atop the 12 foot half pipe, height anxiety boils.
Michelle maintains a safe position on lower ground.
CHIB crew is prowling...
The magic mountains are calling me home.

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