Monday, July 18, 2011

Cheap Art For Sale!

So there's a new bar/grill in town called the BeerHive. I've been there a couple of times and I can say the beer selection is top notch! I haven't had a chance to get any food, but people always seem to be scarfing it down every time that I've been there so it must be good. Besides all that, the have monthly showings of local artists and I'm stoked to be apart of this next batch.

I'm sharing the space with another artist from around here, Rebecca Rose. I saw some of her stuff when I was dropping my work off today and from what I saw it looked pretty rad. I didn't have a chance to get any new work done for it so I am using this as an opportunity to clear out my studio and try to get rid of some older paintings that I had sitting around. There are 10 total pieces of mine there and the show opens tomorrow night and stays up until sometime in August. All my work's prices are marked down so if you want to get some righteous art on the cheap head to the BeerHive!

The BeerHive is located in the Strip District section of Pittsburgh at 2117 Penn Ave. Check them out online at:

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