Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My Brand New Dano!

When I first heard the absolutely phenomenal sound of the Danelectro 1959 guitar I knew I had to have one. Popularized by Jimmy Page, this guitar has a sound like I've never heard before.

I must admit, before purchasing it I was a little wary of its "lipstick" coil pickups as I haven't ever played with them before, but from the second I plugged the beast in I knew I had made the right choice! These pickups have such a warm and bright tone, but can also get down to the brass tacks when you need 'em to for those epic solos!

I've had this guitar for about two weeks now and I can't tell you how stoked out I am on this amazing instrument! I can't put the thing down. Only reason I am making this blog post is 'cause my fingers are bleeding and can take no more of that wild woman.

Jimmy Page with his Dano